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Beacon Batch Barrow Cemetery

Beacon Batch Barrow Cemetery

Bronze Age Barrows, or burial mounds, are found throughout the Mendip Hills mainly on the plateau including the highest point as on Beacon Batch.

Mendip is one of the great Bronze Age funerary landscapes of southern England with similar densities to those around Stonehenge and Dorset Ridgeway.

Despite the large numbers of barrows in the Mendip landscape, they have been largely neglected by archaeological researchers. Despite some mutilation by early barrow diggers, the Mendip barrows have seen very little modern excavation and their history remains poorly understood.

Caring for Black Down

As there has been no on site interpretation or signage of the barrows or other historic features in the area, showing what and where these features are, they have unfortunately been damaged by people walking or riding over them. Recently signs marking the barrows as ancient monuments have been installed to deter people from going on them and this has allowed grass to regrow.

Why don’t you

For more information go to your local library and read the chapter on “Barrows and Bronzes: The Bronze Age of Mendip” by David Mullen in “The Archaeology of Mendip” Edited by Jodie Lewis.